China's Snow Town

China's Snow Town, a beautiful village, aptly named Zhong Guo Xue Xiang, or "home of snow". Located in the Shuangfeng Wood Farm in Hailin City (under the jurisdiction of Mudanjiang City), the village is about 280 kilometers away from Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang Province.

The Ski Resort in China's Snow Town

The village is at an elevation of 1,500 meters and covers an area of 500 hectares. It consists of around twenty wooden houses decorated with strings of golden corn and red chili hung to dry. In winter the snow here can reach up to two meters. This absorbs sound creating a winter wonderland.

Dog Sleighing in China's Snow Town

Though endowed with the most pure snow and beautiful snowscape in the world, the Snow Town was not known to the outside world until it was discovered by some shutterbugs and their photos won the international price in several years ago. Soon after that, some teleplay groups set their bases here and took many famous TV plays and films, such as She's My Ex-wife, Cool In Summer And Warm In Winter, Winter Of The Wacky King, Heilong Town And The Snowstorm, Snow Town, Brave The Journey To The Northeast (Chuang Guandong), The Blowing North Wind (Beifeng Na Ge Chui), The Police Commissioner and The Northern Morning, and so on. They added more mystery to the farm. China's Snow Town is regarded as a dreamlike paradise in winter. Its high mountains, local traditional wooden houses, animals, trees and the sunrise are all greatly different from those in the other world's snowy areas. It is a very famous eco-tourist winter attraction connected to the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival.

China's Snow Town

Best Travel Time to China’s Snow Town: Feb. Jan. March and Dec.

Travel Tips:

Hotels with excellent facilities are available in China's Snow Town. Tourists can also choose the family hotels to have an overnight stay at their Kangtou (brick bed warmed by a fire underneath in Northern China).

In China's Snow Town (Xuexiang), we arrange our tourists hike through the villages and forest, or drive the snowmobiles or take the horse/dog pulled sleds to the beautiful Yangcaoshan Mountain to view the beautiful sunrise, take pics, visit the local families and ski there.

The northern Chinese cuisines are very delicious and special. Here tourists can enjoy the food at the local farmers' homes or hotels.

Snowmobiling in China's Snow Town, Mudanjiang

How to get China's Snow Town:

1. Fly to Mudanjiang and then take tourist bus to the village.

2. Take train to Mudanjian from Harbin (or other cities) and then take tourist bus to the village.

3. Take train to Changting Town from Harbin (or other cities) and then hire a taxi in the town or take bus at Linye (forestry) Passenger Station to the village.

4. Take train to Linhai City from Harbin (or other cities) and then take bus to the village.

5. Take bus from Harbin (right side of Harbin Railway Station) to Changting Town and then hire a taxi in the town or take bus at Linye (forestry) Passenger Station to the village.

The Beautiful Night Scene of China's Snow Town

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