Harbin Ice and Snow World

Harbin Ice and Snow World, also known as Bingxue Large World. It is a unique ice and snow tourist and cultural festival commissioned by Harbin Municipal Government and sponsored by Harbin Cultural Tourism Group. Since its birth, has been expanding year by year. Covering more than 750,000 square meters and consuming ice and snow over 300,000 cubic meters, Harbin Ice and Snow World is one of the most important parts of Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.  It has become the most popular winter attraction in the world. In this dreamlike theme park, not only can you see the amazing colorful illuminated ice and snow sculptures but also enjoy various interesting cultural activities and winter sports. 

Ice Festival Harbin 2015


In 1999, to salute the new millennium form 2000, Harbin municipal government built up a shining icy and snowy Disney Land. Since then, the fairy tales about ice and snow in Harbin began. The ice and snow embedded into the blood of Harbiners, and became one of signs in Harbin. Since then, Harbin holds the event in connection with ice and snow each year, in which a charming and romantic fairy world is formed with ice and snow. Millions of tourists have been attracted for the view. The state leaders and a number of ambassadors in China have been personally visited the events and give high praise.

Ice Festival 2015 Harbin


West part of the Sun Island, Songbei District

Opening Time and Hours

Around December 20 each year to next late February

9:30 – 21:00

Harbin Ice and Snow World Ticket Price in 2015

According to the Modern Group, the ticket prices for the 2015 Harbin Ice Snow World (aka Bingxue Large World) will have a slight upward adjustment compared with 2015. The ticket prices are different in two periods in a day.  

Time Period

Opening Hours














Note: the adult ticket price will be rise to ¥ 330 during the New Year’s Days (January 1-3), Chinese Spring Festival (Jan 30-Feb5), and the Lantern Festival (Feb14). 

Internet Ticket Sales

Weekday and Weekend Ticket Price:¥ 288

Holiday Ticket Price: ¥ 308 (New Year’s Days, Chinese Spring Festival, Lantern Festival)

Preferential Ticket Policy 

Children under 1.2 m and 70 years of age or older are free (with Older Certificate)

Important Note

The park’s opening time for the Harbin residents is only on Monday (not includes the public holidays). This rule applies to everyone who lives in the 8 districts and the 10 counties of Harbin. 

Get There by Public Bus

If you want to get to the venue of Harbin Ice and Snow World, you can take bus No. 552, 551, 346, 219, 216, 212, 211, 85 or 54, and get off at the Sun Island road junction, then walk several minutes to its entrance gate. 

Harbin Ice Festival 2015

Questions & Answers about Harbin Ice and Snow World

Asked by Agami 2015-09-24

Hi, if I enter in Ice & Snow World at 11.00 AM, I can stay till night or I must buy another ticket after 12.00? Thank you.

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2015-09-24

You can stay till the park closes, no need to buy another ticket.

Asked by Carrolyn from Australia 2015-05-28

Is there a program for the coming 2016 year? I am looking at coming perhaps to opening ceremony or around that time and I wish to time my visit to co-ordinate with programmed events

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2015-05-29

According to my experience, the city has firework performance, float parade and some other large-scale cultural activities in the opening ceremony day (in every Jan 5). Every evening, the ice and snow world park has cultural shows, and tourists can even join in the big dancing groups.

Asked by pawan agarwal 2015-05-15

What is the date of ice festival in 2016 How far is from Beijing

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2015-05-19

The official opening date of the Harbin Ice Festival 2016 will be January 5, 2016.

Harbin is 1055.64 kilometers (655.95 miles) from Beijing.

More details about Harbin Ice Festival 2016 at http://www.icefestivalharbin.com/article-p170-harbin-ice-festival-2016-dates.html

Asked by lynda donaldson from usa 2015-05-01

If we come feb 20 of 2016 will we still be able go see the festival?

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2015-05-04

The festival will finish at the end of Feb, you'd better go to Harbin before Feb 25.

Asked by Yanping Yang from USA 2015-01-24

We are Chinese immigrant from USA and plan to visit the ice festival before Chinese new year. Are our kid 15 and 8yrs old eligible for the student discount? They do not have Chinese student ID.

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2015-01-27

They will not get discount ticket if they don't have Chinese student ID card.

Asked by Irada 2015-01-12

I was in Harbin last weekend. for the entrance of Harbin Ice and Snow World,I had a valid Chinese student cards and I was very upset when they told me that the Id can only be used for students below 24 years. I was not able to get in( In the other places there are not discount, such as Harbin Polarland, Harbin Dream Island International Snow sculpture Art Expo I paid the full amount. I had a discount only at Harbin Ice Lantern Show, thank them for that.

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2015-01-12

different parks have different policies

Asked by Humpy 2014-12-27

Is it possible to see any ice swimming show at this area? If not, where can we see the show and what times? Can we make it part of a day tour during our trip to Harbin?

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-12-29

You cannot see winter swimming performance in the ice and snow world. You can go to Songhua river ice and snow world happy valley or the newly built ice and snow paradise (bing xue le yuan).

Asked by Aurelia TP from Indonesia 2014-12-15

Hi we are planning to go on the 3rd-4th january 2015, i understood that it will be officially open on the 5th, but you were saying that it has a trial run , what does it means exactly? (does it mean its still open? The festival and lantern ice sculptures will be available to see? Can we still go to the park?) thank you so much before

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-12-16

Please read the posts under this page http://www.icefestivalharbin.com/article-p146-harbin-ice-festival-2015-dates.html you will find the answers to your questions.

Asked by Davletova Irada from Turkmenistan 2014-12-11

Hi, I don't understand about Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo and Harbin Ice Lantern Show, it's for free? I need to buy ticket just for Ice and Snow Word? please can you send me the details ?

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-12-11

Harbin ice festival has four theme parks, they are Harbin Ice and Snow World, Harbin Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo, Harbin Ice Lantern Show, and Harbin Songhua River Ice and Snow Happy Valley, for info about the parks, please follow the links on each park. To enter each park, you must purchase the ticket at the entrance of each park.

Asked by Victor VELAZQUEZ from Mexico 2014-12-06

If I am a foreign student in Hong Kong with an effective student ID of the university (here in HK). Can I apply for the discount in the entry ticket?

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-12-11

Only the student ID cards in mainland China apply for the discount.

Asked by Khan Agha Saood from Pakistan 2014-12-10

hi im a foreign postgraduate student im planning to visit this festival with my fellow chinese classmates we have a postgraduate student cards i want to know if the student discount also applies to postgraduate students or only for bachelor students, (Postgraduate= Masters Engineering at Shenyang)

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-12-11

it also applies for the postgraduate students who have valid Chinese student cards.

Asked by laila 2014-12-04

i am a foreign student in china.how much discount can i get with a valid student id card?

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-12-05

you can get 50% discount

Asked by pratyusha Vangala 2014-11-27

I am a foreign student studying in China will I be eligible for the reduction in the entry ticket?

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-12-02

You will if you can present an effective student ID of your university/college in China.

Asked by Barbera Alberto from Italy 2014-11-29

I will be in Harbin end of january ,there are any restrictions for making photos? Do you have any suggestions in order to use digital camera without problem at these low level temperatures?? Thanks in advance

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-12-02

There are no any restrictions for making photos in the theme parks. For photography tips in Harbin, please read this article: http://www.icefestivalharbin.com/article-p152-photography-tips-for-harbin-ice-festival.html

Asked by siti faridah from indonesia 2014-11-21

i plan to go to harbin on 21st december. is the park already open at that time with full snow like the picture? thank you

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-11-25

Not yet, the parks will be officially open on Jan 5, 2015.

Asked by Leah from UK 2014-11-07

I plan to travel to Harbin from the 25th-29th January. I would like to know how many days are needed for the harbin ice festival?? :-) Also I saw that you said that it is open to the Harbin residents on monday, are tourists also allowed to go to the festival on monday? How many days are needed as a tourist in Harbin?

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-11-10

2 days are enough if you only visit the 3 main theme parks of the festival: ice and snow world, sun island international snow sculpture art expo, and zhaolin park ice lantern fair.

The Harbin residents are only allowed enter the ice and snow world on Monday (public holidays are exceptional, such as new year and Chinese spring festival), they can not enter the park from Tuesday to Sunday. The regulation is not applicable to the tourists.

Asked by nejma 2014-10-30

I have a French student card, it is ok for the reduction?

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-10-30

The reduction applies only to Chinese students.

Asked by Mohd Fadhil from Malaysia 2014-09-22

I plan to go to Harbin from 13th to 17th December 2014. I want to know if the park is already open by that time.

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-09-22

It is not open yet. For more info pls visit http://www.icefestivalharbin.com/article-p146-harbin-ice-festival-2015-dates.html

Asked by Lim from HKSAR, CHINA 2014-08-12

Hi we are a group of 6 who would like to travel to ice and snow world. Do you have customize tour for this.

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-08-12

Yes, we do. We can customize trips according to your requirements. You can talk with our travel consultant via email, s/he can help you tailor-make an itinerary. If you want to refer to our sample tours, please visit http://www.icefestivalharbin.com/harbin-ice-festival-tours.html.

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