Harbin Ice Festival 2014 Dates

Harbin, the capital and largest city of Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China, is now home to the biggest ice and snow festival in the world. The 30th Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival will officially start on January 5, 2014 and it will be celebrated till February 28, 2014. Harbin is one of China's most popular winter destinations, don't miss this great festival this winter.

(note: this picture is taken during the 2013 Harbin ice festival)

Questions & Answers about Harbin Ice Festival 2014 Dates

Asked by mukul varma from India 2014-10-07

are they planning to have a special Indian pavillion at the Harbin Ice Festival in Hongkong.i am interested to participate

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-10-08

Hi Mukul Varma,

Ice Festival Harbin is the website for Harbin Ice Festival, not for the Hong Kong Harbin Ice Festival. Please inquire their website for the information.

Asked by TLHooi from Malaysia 2014-10-02

I am traveling from Malaysia to HongKong this month, in 2 weeks time also to visit Ice festival there. If the temperature is brought to -10C(as stated in official website) then we will need to wear warm winter clothing inside. May I know whether it will be provided for rent,and how is the rental, or do I need to prepare my own before entering? Please include this info in the website. Waiting for answer as I will be flying soon.

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-10-04

Hi TLHooi,

For more info you can inquire the website for the Hong Kong Harbin Ice Festival (in HK).

Asked by Arvind from India 2014-09-14

Hello, I am mailing from India and we are planning to visit Honkong this November. We are interested to see the Honkong Ice harbin festival. Can you please tell us the dates of the festival this year Thanks, Dr Arvind

Answered by Ice Festival Harbin    2014-09-15

The Hong Kong Harbin Ice Festival starts from October, for more info you can visit their official website.

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